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Golf & Nature

The golf clubs DGV provides a practical guide for the environmental and economic future of golf courses, as well as to improve the playing conditions with the environmental program Golf & nature.

Idea & goals

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Golf & nature was created in collaboration with the Federal Office for nature conservation (BfN) and the greenkeeper Association Germany (GVD) with scientific accompaniment through the lawn Institute of the University of Hohenheim.

The DGV concept aims to combine optimal conditions for golf with the greatest possible protection of nature. Golf & nature offers the chance to improve both nursing conditions as well as capture the environmental background with the help of a multiannual plan and predictable steps. Because it is often not possible to achieve short term environmental improvements a period of at least two years is provided for the realisation.

Golf has a close relationship with nature  because the golf courses are directly integrated into the landscape. Meadows, trees, forest fringes, hedges and water areas characterize the individuality of each course and make them unique. Well maintained golf courses also promote the joy of golfing outdoors and are a major competition factor to attract new members and guests.

The GC Starnberg has commited to the goals of golf & nature program!

Focal points

“Golf & nature” can be divided into four main areas:

1. Nature and terrain: Documentation of  ratios, obligations arising from permits, representation of natural habitats, collection of scenic peculiarities and cultury important sites.

2. Maintenance and operation of the game: Game quality  definition , coordination of game – and maintenance operation, care plans with working hours, documentation of the fertilizer, water, and plant management.

3. Occupational safety and environmental management: Legal work and health protection, safety concept and emergency plans, energy concepts, waste disposal, machine maintenance and cleaning.

4. Public relations and infrastructure: Philosophy and mission statement, information about Greenkeeping – and environmental issues, qualification of the personnel and infrastructure.


-Standards, and constant improvement = instrument for quality assurance

-Avoiding liability risks for those responsible by keeping safety-relevant aspects

-Align care management site-meet and goal-oriented

-Cost savings through planned and structured approaches and the conscious handling of resources

-Promote acceptance for the topics of Greenkeeping, nature and the environment with members and guests

-Integrating the programme strengthen the credibility of nature protection associations and environmental authorities

-Motivation and permanent professional training of employees

-Image building and image improvement

-Quality management means constant high aspiration level