Would you like to play in one of the finest golf clubs in Southern Bavaria?


There are various membership models to suit the individual needs of our members. You can choose between the following models:

The trial year

In order to get to know the Golf club Starnberg better, we offer a limited number of trial memberships with special conditions every year. The trial year can only be used once.

1, 3 or 5 year memberships

If you want to stay flexible and don’t want to commit to a full membership yet, we offer memberships for 1,3 or 5 years.

Young adults 

Young adults till the age of 45 can benefit with our young adults membership. We offer two different rates, one till 35 and the other till the age of 45. There are no long-term commitments. You can cancel this membership every year.

Young families

Like our young adults, young families can enroll into a membership without any longterm commitments. As long as one of the parents hasn’t had his 45th birthday, parents as well as children benefit from the cheaper rates of this membership.

Children and youth

Children and teenagers are more than welcome in our club. Working with children and teenagers is one of our biggest priorities. We offer a weekly children and youth training (starting from the age of 4), as well as a number of development and sponsorship plans with regard to our teams.

The children and youth rates also count for adults till the age of 27 as long as they are students.

Full membership

The Golf Club Starnberg is financed by its full members, who are the owners of the golf course as limited partners.
This membership is transferable, perpetual and hereditary.

We would like to explain our different membership models to you in detail and tell you our prices. We are sure you will be surprised by our offers. Please use the contact sheet underneath to schedule a consultation or call us under 0815112157.

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