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La Luce Restaurant

The Restaurant La Luce is open

La Luce im Golfclub Starnberg, Uneringer Str. 1, 82319 Starnberg, Phone: 08151/28518

E-Mail: lalucestarnberg@gmail.com

Appetizers Prices
Marinated shrimp with vegetable tempura mer de Glace €11,50
Melons-Sesame salad with Bresaola and Serrano ham €12.50
Mozzarella di Bufala with tomato and pesto €11,50
Tafelspitz aspic with horseradish €7,50
Summer Salad with pine nuts, apples, cheese and honey croutons €13.50
Soups Prices
Iced cucumber soup with smoked salmon €6.50
Tomato cream soup with croutons €6,00
Pasta Prices
Penne with fine Salsiccia ragout and chilli €9,50
Spaghetti with Chanterelles €13.50
Tagliatelle with Bacon, leeks and herbs €9,50
Quadrone with mascarpone and herbs in Tomatensugo €10,50
Main courses Prices
Wiener Schnitzel – of course by the veal with fried potatoes and mixed salad €18.50
Beef stew in red wine sauce with celery mashed potatoes and market vegetables €14.50
Variation of game fish in lemon curry sauce, basmati rice and Ratatouille €17.50
Salmon tranche 55 degrees on crustacean foam with leaf spinach and rosemary potatoes €16.50
Pan Turkey strips in sweet and sour with egg noodles €13.50
Medallions of the pork tenderloin in bacon baked with potato gratin and Arugula €15,50
Gourmet ‘Starn Burger’ from the grill with gold leaf and French fries €14.50
Desserts Prices
Kaiserschmarrn with Apple Compote (min. 2 persons) P.p.. €10,50
Homemade ice cream (ever-changing varieties) €1.10 per ball

Market menu
Iced cucumber soup with salmon
Pan Turkey strips in sweet and sour with egg noodles
Ice cream with fresh strawberries

Small dishes – before and after the round  Prices
Curry sausage with French fries €8.50
2 piece Weisswurst with Brez n and sweet mustard. €5.50
Spare it rips with potato cucumber salad and double dip €10,50
 Chicken wings with mixed salad and BBQ sauce €9,50
Club sandwich with Turkey, bacon, fried egg and French fries €10,50
Sausage salad with red onion and Brez n €8,00
Lentil stew with Vienna sausages and Bacon €7,50
Spaghetti con aglio, olio e peperoncino €8.50