Youth work in the Golf-Club Starnberg is an integral part of our Club work, a varied and enduring club life is achieved with promotion.

Guiding principle for our youth work is therefore to achieve, to arouse interest for the game of golf and to promote every young member of golf every young member of the Club. The fact that from 4-18 years a weekly training for each youth member is offered, which is included in the annual membership fee, we achieve the implementation of this guideline.

The training of for each group is tailored to the age and abilities of young people. Base support starts with our smallest, the minis, which are playfully introduced to golf. The following groups are divided according to sports, base support groups or Leistungsfördergruppen, individually according to skill level and aspirations of young people.

We connect with the objective of our youth work, to reach all young people in the Club, at the same time the possibility of mediation of central human values through the game of Golf: team spirit, confidence, respect, respect, responsibility, reliability and of course fun are mediated by the game of golf and lived in our youth work.

With sporting regards