We look at golf as a high - performance sport


Did you know that worldwide there are about 60 million people playing golf and that golf is one of the most technically demanding sports?

We golfers identify with our sport, we support our children and the youth, we play with passion and compare ourselves to other sportsmen and women.
Golf benefits the body on many levels. Through golf we train our body control, coordination and flexibility, but also endurance and the ability to concentrate. Simultaneously golf has a high recreational value. Last but not least every golfer loves the thrill and emotion, triggered by a good or sometimes not so good round of golf.

The golf club Starnberg is full of ambitious golfers and our focus lies on helping the youth and our teams.

The golf club Starnberg is the host of the Bavarian Championships
We are proud to have hosted the Engel & Völkers Bavarian Championships Ladies and Gentlemen for the fourth time this june. Over 100 participants played fantastic golf and we congratulate Marc- Andre Gehr (-8) and Victoria Drechsler (+4) on their victories.

Golf enthusiasts at the 18 th hole – final day at the 7th of June 2015
The winners: Marc-André Gehr (GC at the Reichswald) and Victoria Turner (GC Olching)









Overview of all teams of the Golf-Club Starnberg

Youth Men’s Ladies
Young AK 18 I, 1. Bezirksliga Group D – BGV

rise to Bayernliga, highest league in bavaria

Men’s I, Oberliga Süd 2 Kramski of DGL Ladies I, Oberliga Süd – Kramski of DGL

staying in the league

Young AK 18 II, 2. Beziksliga group E – BGV

rise to 1. Bezirksliga

AK 35, 2. Liga group D – BGV

staying in the league

AK 35, 2. Liga group C–BGV

staying in the league

Girl AK 18, 1. Bezirksliga group F–BGV

staying in the league

AK 50 I, 4. Liga group F–BGV

rise to 3. Liga

AK 50 II, 4. Liga group G – BGV

staying in the league

With sportive regards, your

Jean Blaufuß