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The 1st Tee is closed on Tuesday 17th from 9:30 am until 11:30 am

Golf Club Starnberg

What an exciting season 2015 for the Golf Club Starnberg! The innovations have proved to be an excellent improvement.

The quality that we have delivered this year is remarkable. By an independent Institute, our Club was tested nine times in 2015. This testing focuses on the quality of the course and the quality of greenkeeping, infrastructure, gastronomy and office. The testers come anonymously and unannounced. These mystery tests are comparable to those which allow a long carry the large retail chains.

Despite the extreme drought – almost nine weeks without significant rain – the place has presented at any time is in excellent condition. The gastronomy in the GC Starnberg, which is by the way public and guests are welcome even if they (still) do not play  golf, did very well. A combination of local and international dishes, which have resulted in a high degree of satisfaction. The new tee Hall is finished, the range has lost none of its surface, but “underground” grown. How useful is the new Hall, shows not only when it rains. Also in this summer of the century, it was more enjoyable to hit the balls, as in the blazing sun in the shade of the canopy. The GC Starnberg has traditionally had a very positive welcome culture. It’s very easy new members to integrate into our club life. Especially the women, men and seniors groups afternoons make their contribution here. In the competition with other golf courses offers of the GC Starnberg in their price / performance ratio are exceptionally competitive. Other clubs lose members currently and the whole Golf market has a low negative growth, the number of members in the GC Starnberg remains constant as the disposals can be offset by new entrants. Our action is it intended that members and guests feel comfortable and have a pleasant time in the GC of Starnberg. When you play a round in the GC Starnberg or enjoy the restaurant, we welcome you.

With sportive regards, your

Dr. Werner A. Proebstl



The Golf-Club Starnberg is unique because:

  • Members have the first preference.
  • There are no tee times.
  • Our tournaments are organized only for members.
  • We promote a fast and easy integration of new members into our club life.
  • We are financially sound.
  • Our lease was recently extended for the next 30 years.

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